Steve (antlers2) wrote in macncheese_anon,

They said what?

In this article about a new bagel shop opening, it mentions that the proprietor has two pizza shops which "...are famous for doing all kinds of wacky slices, like macaroni-and-cheese covered pizza."

I'm not at all sure that would be good, but I suppose I'll have to try it...
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Dude, DO IT! I would. : )
Experiments are always more fun with groups.. :)
So what group will you take? Family? Friends? Church? Work? How about more macaroni "crack whores?" lol
As for me, I'd go, if I was invited, but I live quite a ways from Wisconsin.
If I can catch hellsop and geekers in town, I'll make them go with me. :)
Ok, well write down what happens on here, ok? An acct. from all 3 of you would be nice. Just to get diff. ideas. Also, if you can, tell me the ingredients... I wanna make some. lol
If I get there, I'll even try to get a picture.
I just saw this comment... er... today... *hangs head in shame*. I tried to load the page and all I got was a message: "Template Error: loadfile: body is not a valid handle. Halted." So... was this a place in Madison? If so, when are we going? ;}
That might be a record!

It is indeed a place in Madison...
Have you tried the ('roni n cheese) 'zza yet?
I haven't had the chance to. Maybe I can get Kim to try it with me...or at least be present to drag me to safety if it goes poorly.
I'd most definitely try it!

You must check it out and report back to us!
Heh. I'll give it some thought. But first I need to go make up a box of ambrosia, er, Golden Grain... :)