neil (nyar) wrote in macncheese_anon,

Easy Mac Cups

Anyone else have any opinions on the Kraft Easy Mac Cups?

I tried Easy Mac years ago, and despised it. However, I was recently introduced to their new single serving cups. I found the triple cheese variety to be quite acceptable. i keep a stash in my desk at work, for emergency lunch.

Normally, I prefer the Annie's Deluxe stuff these days. Very different than the cups, but not practical to make at work.
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The newer versions of the Easy Mac are SO much better than the old. My brother & I recently discovered that.
What's Annie's like? Do you like the Kraft Deluxe stuff @ all? I prefer it.
Like Kraft Deluxe, the Annie's Deluxe has a semi-solid cheesesauce in a foil packcet, that melts into creamy goodness when addes to the hot noodles. THe biggest difference, with Annie's, is hte noodle quality. They are much more substancial than Kraft. Add if you follow the box directions the come out nice and el dente.
Sounds great. Can you find it in any old super, or do I have to go to Whole Foods or something?
I've found it in Safeway before. But sometimes they just have non-deluxe Annies, which isn't as good. The sauce is a bit gritty.