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Book shopping...

I just got back from Barnes and Noble, where I felt obligated to get this book entirely because of its title: Macaroni & Cheese: 52 Recipes from Simple to Sublime (Amazon link to paperback version, but I got the hardcover). If the names of the recipes below intrigue you, I suggest you plop down the $7.89 the next time you're at B&N and test out a few recipes. When I get around to trying some, I'll let you know what I think.

Macaroni with Wisconsin Asiago
London Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese Soho Grand
City Bakery Macaroni and Cheese
Dad Page's Macaroni and Cheese
Fairway Market Mac and Cheese
Baked Four-Cheese Pasta
Chat n' Chew Macaroni and Cheese
Comfort Diner Mac and Cheese
City Hall Mac and Cheese
Ten-Minute Mac and Cheese
Simple Mac and Cheese for Two
Tomatoey Mac and Cheese
Mom's Mac and Cheese with Tomatoes
Queens (N.Y.) Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheddar Salad
Rigatoni al Forno
Orecchiette con Fonduta
Farfalle al Quattro Formaggi
Wish Macaroni and Cheese
Mozzarella Mac
Macaroni Gratin Mas Antoine
Macaroni and Cheese Provencal with Cod
Greek (and Organic) Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and Feta Salad
Macaroni and Manchego
Swiss Mac with Potatoes
Sweet Noodle and Cheese and Kugel
Penne with Roquefort
Macaroni and Cheese Croquettes
Farfalle with Fontina, Tasso Ham, and Baby Spinach
Macaroni with Cantal Cheese and Westphalian Ham
Macaroni and Cheese with Oysters and Pork Sausage
Terrine of Macaroni, Goat Cheese, and Foie Gras
Today's Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni with Many Cheeses in a Red Chile -- Herb Crust
Green Chile Mac and Cheese
Mac and Smoked Cheddar with Ham and Chipotles
Artie's Deli Mac and Cheese
Baked Macaroni with White Cheddar Cheese and Cremini Mushrooms
Macaroni with Duck Prosciutto, Chanterelles, and Mascarpone
Baked Cellentani with Four Cheeses, Prosciutto, Artichoke Hearts, and Portobellos
Baked Stuffed Pasta Spirals
Fontina and White Truffle Macaroni
Pasta with Fonduta and Fresh Truffles
ONEc.p.s. Wild Mushroom and Truffle Macaroni and Cheese
Baked Conchiglie with Roasted Garlic -- Cheese Sauce, Ricotta Cheese, and White Truffle Oil
California Truffled Macaroni and Cheese
Chunks of Lobster Swimming in Cheesy Macaroni
Joseph's Table Mac and Cheese with Dried Cherry Chutney and Roquefort Sauce
Sweetened Mascarpone and Noodle Pudding

From inside the book jacket cover:
"Simple and perfect, macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Now, for the first time in one collection, dozens of well-known chefs, including Bobby Flay (geekers' side note: Ugh. Flay.), Rocco DiSpirito, Charlie Palmer, David Burke, Matthew Kenney, Katy Sparks, and Rick Bayless, share favorite recipes from both their childhood memories and their award-winning restaurants. There are plentiful incarnations of the classic Mac and Cheese, from chef's home kitchens and from renowned restaurants; international versions, such as Macaroni and Manchego and Farfalle al Quattro Formaggi; contemporary combinations including Penne with Roquefort, Green Chile Mac and Cheese, and Fontina and White Truffle Macaroni. There are recipes for a quick and soothing family dinner or an elegant dinner party with an innovative flair. Simple and straightforward enough for the novice cook, yet creative and sophisticated enough for the experienced chef, this new take on a classic will delight for years to come."

I'm willing to type out and post one of the recipes contained within the book, but if you want the rest, you'll have to go purchase it. If you have any preference regarding which recipe I type out, let me know in the comments. :D Mmm... mac n cheese. :9

geek. ^_^
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