:☆:geek:☆: (geekers) wrote in macncheese_anon,

Lookie what I found in OR!

So it is slightly more expensive than what we were paying in Wisconsin when we were able to purchase it (although there isn't sales tax in Portland, OR), but I found these at a Rite Aid in downtown Portland (622 SW Alder Street, Portland, OR 97205)! I'm sure the Grain is, in general, more available in Oregon for the simple fact that they are closer to American-Italian Pasta Corp., but still, I was full of squee when I saw the boxes again. :D Now... to hope my Portland friends are willing to send an occasional shipment and/or we are able to convince the local grocer to carry it. ^_~

geek. (~mac_n_cheese hunter~)

P.S. Yes, boxen were shipped home. ^_~
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