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Hi, I posted this to trashy_eats and thought, what about here for you mac and cheese lovers.

In the history of the world, there has never been something like this. Oh, shut up. You think that the combination of chocolate and hot milk was awesome. Lick my nuts. This rules so f'n hard.

I live the American Dream.

I give you...the Mac & Chesse-a-dilla.

(brief backstory: this was invented one day while I was driving home from work. I was just driving along, listening to NPR and all of a sudden a vision entered my head. I have been thinking about it ever since. Actually, it was way back in February, and it has been kicking around ever since.)

Now, finally, the components came together. The ingredients were there for my use. I went at it alone, even though everyone I spoke to told me it was too dangerous. Now, here is the amazing result:

The big decision was, which version to go with. Sure, the creamier one might be more tasty, but I had to think of consistancy and its ability to stay in the tortilla. So I went with the three cheese.

Now that I had my meal set, I had to decide between which alcohol to serve with it. Was it more Macaroni and Cheese or was it more was a monumental decision.

Of course, the possability of this turning out to be retardedly bad was too great for me not to have a backup plan for a regualr quesadilla. So some reserves were on stand by. Say hello to the tomato, the red onion and the chives.

All the major players.

The final lineup.

I did have a shot of tequila, for courage.

...and a glass of wine...ok, nearly a bottle.

Step 1: Boiling the pasta shells, duh.

Step 2: 4 tbls. butter. I always make it to recepie, which I know a lot of people don't. Hey, its Mac and Cheese. You're worried about a little butter and still eating this? Eat it!

Step 3: All the major players, part 2.

Step 4: Always always add the pepper.

Step 5: Shells go in the tortilla in the cast iron skillet.

Step 6: A little 4 cheese blend on the top, then into the oven for a minute.

How does it taste? Oh, how about frigg'n awesome. If I was wearing pants and socks they would have been knocked off!

This was #2. Just as amazing!

Oh, how about some cake to top that off? Don't mind if I do. Also, I am drunk. Yay for me!

[edit:updated w/ drunken head stands]

attempt 1: On my head, soon on my ass.

attempt 2: Falling down. I can't do them on my wrists, becaus of injury/sissiness.

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